Why Ziad K Abdelnour Thinks Trump Will Win 2020 Re-Election

The Trump Factor (Trumpism)

Trump’s achievements

  • Creation of around 4 million jobs
  • Highest GDP growth up to 4.2%
  • $5 trillion-dollar growth in the stock market
  • Destroying around 90% of ISIS forces
  • Bringing down the illegal immigrant entry into the US
  • 49-year new low in unemployment rates
  • Lowest women’s unemployment rate in 65 years
  • Scrapping of unfair trade provisions and TPP
  • Revamping of the VA
  • NAFTA renegotiated
  • Revival of the coal industry
  • Standing up to China

Other key reasons

  • Trump has been favorable towards on the business sector by slashing taxes to a great extent
  • Trump will bank upon the history behind Joe Biden’s Candidacy. Biden failed to win the nominations in 1988 and 2008 and Trump will use it to his advantage in his campaigns.
  • Another reason that Trump will win again is because he has secured a loyal base. Even neutral voters have veered to his side after his tough stand against China




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Hitesh Mistry

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