What’s Holding You Back?

Look at yourself in the mirror. Who do you want to be? Do you want to remain the same; ‘huddling, begging, forcing your way through life’ self? Or, do you want to be the fire that you see in the eyes that are staring at you; poking at you, and demanding you to do what’s needed? Decide this right now. Unless the urge to get out of one’s stagnation is addressed explicitly, one shall never make the first move. But. Once you are in that state where your legs are throbbing to pace ahead — there is yet something that holds you back. It is not your will — of that you are certain. So, what is it? Why is it that only a few among a million motivated make it to the top? — And others simply sit back with a blank stare. See what the 3 main things that hold you back are, according to Ziad Abdelnour, and how you can crush any barrier along the way.

Firstly, money. Of all the reasons, the economic reason is the one that demands our foremost attention. Because, no matter what people think is a basic human right, it is a fact that we are living in a world with limited resources. Therefore, one must demonstrate the fact (in the market) that what one thinks one deserves is indeed what one deserves. Do you think your life is valuable, but not something that must be paid for? That’s fallacious. One can have the cake and eat it too. So, stop expecting things from the welfare state, strap up your boots, and get working. Money is a physical symbol of value that you otherwise fancy to hold emotionally. Don’t curse money. Money is time. Therefore, before stepping into the world make up your mind on one fundamental thing: What are you willing to give up in the present so that you may have a better share of the same in the future? Investments, monetary, or otherwise determine one’s actions. Those actions shall define your future. Those actions shall command if need be: whether you should drive a sedan, spend your vacations in exotic places, or remain a puny man that you were. But come what may do not let others have any privileges over your responsibility. If you fail, don’t promote others by blaming them. Allow that prize to be yours and yours only: Not for any idealistic reason, but simply because it will fuel your drive.
So, don’t promote others by blaming them for your investments. And invest
wisely. Have clarity over what you need at present, and what you can give up.
Then use that information and go fish for what you really want.

Secondly, mind. Money and mind are the only two things that determine one’s competence. If the course of the mind is unwavering, then come what may, it is bound to resolve itself. For that, one must be balanced within oneself. An eagle though is known for its steady wings and stern flight, but it is its beak and grip that feeds it. So, do not bask in the glory that others shroud you with. Be sincere and be firm about what actually feeds you; what actually works. Consult, but don’t conform. Take other’s opinions, inform yourself, analyze it for yourself, and ask a question even if it feels utterly unnecessary. If that question is necessary to determine what works for you — put a million-dollar price on it. But never give in to someone else’s opinion for the sheer sake of its popularity. Let reason be your guide and honesty be your pride. With this in mind — improve yourself relentlessly. You may face a dozen distractions even before you decide to take your first step. Just keep an account of what the distractions are actually costing you. I’m not asking you abhor distractions because I know of its nature and the hold it has on one’s mind. Just keep an account of how it is dismantling your goal. If those accounts; if those facts, that keep piling up day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment doesn’t bother your very core — Then have the humility and honesty to accept that you don’t want to achieve your goal. Let your mind know that it was being stupid all along to even try. But if the accounts bother you — then you know what you really want, which in itself is a boon. Once you know what you really want, you must learn to plot the course of your mind to get it, and more importantly, you must learn to hold it unwavering. If you manage all that — pat yourself after reaching your destiny and never look back!
March Ahead!




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Hitesh Mistry

Hitesh Mistry

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